Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Social paintings for charity


Ancol, medium oil on canvas, year 2002, size 160x140cm
This painting tells about the Ancol resort crowd. Place to play the most often visited by people around Jakarta, Maybe even all over the country. Despite extremely hot weather may not be felt for those who have never visited. Ancol with all the benefits put store appeal, not just for the kids, but also for those who want to release the fatigue and joking with the vehicle there. Bambang PE

Democracy in Painting-2002-100x80-acrylic
After long powerful kings in a country, after the dictator withruthless suppress its people, and after all rights of the peopleseized by the authorities, then began beating the drum of democracy in all countries full of corruption and injustice.
People sometimes are not able to speak, even violent whisper afraid that sounded ruler, but the silence of people notmeaningful, nor means accepting the situation, nor a means tosilence forever.
Barbarian barber
Media oil on canvas
Size 145 X 145 cm
Year 2001

Fruits Harvesting.
Media oil on canvas
Marriage on the sky
Srimulat- Media oil on canvas, size 200x160cm year 2002-Srimulat comedian  Indonesia which until now still coloring our entertainment treasures, even thoughpersonnel are scattered but the spirit, soul of Srimulat many coloring comedy entertainment in our country, almost every comedian / artis Indonesia hit by the Srimulat's virus. Try to remember the Tarzan-style, sit and throws legs up, Tesy with a cheap bitch, a pompous of Mamik ,  Kadir with Madura accent, then Nunung a voluptuous, and many more who did not told away ....