Rabu, 01 Oktober 2014


1. 1982- IKIP Negeri Jogyakarta,Indonesia
2. 1983- Journalist-Social Art  Course - Semarang
3. 1988- Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang-Indonesia

1. 1998-Up to now, Owner and Manager  Gallery  BPE Paintings- Arts
2. 1999-Up to now, Owner and Manager  Workshop Sensatiocraft –Recycle Craft
3. 2008-Up to now,Active Paintings and Recycle Craft industry, as Instructor, Juror, Designer and Advisor.

1. 1978-Joint Painting Exhibition in Temanggung, Central Java
2. 1978-Winner in Painting Contest, Central Java-Indonesia
3. 1980-Joint Painting Exhibition di Semarang
4. 2000-Joint Painting Exhibition in  Lobby Depparpostel Jakarta
5. 2002-Solo Painting Exhibition in WTC Jakarta
6. 2002-Joint Painting Exhibition in  Hotel Sahid Jakarta
7. 2002-Painting Auction in
8. 2004-Painting and Art Craft Exhibition in WTC Jakarta
9. 2006-Solo Painting Exhibition, ‘Half of  My Breath ‘ in Gallery Millennium Jakarta-Curator-Sudjud Dartanto(ISI-lecturer)
10.2008-Collaboration, Artcraft and Oshibana in Japan Foundation.
11.2009-Training Recycle ArtCraft in Rural community surrounding Bogor,West Java.
12.2011-Educate Marginal People, in Painting and ArtCraft Recycle, around West Java
13.2012- Painting  and Artcraft  Product Introduction - Gold Coast
14.2012- Painting  and Artcraft  Product Introduction - Sydney
15.2012- Painting  and Artcraft  Product Introduction - Melbourne
16.2012-Distributed Social Lamp-Art recycle Crystal Lamp For thousands  of Worship, around Indonesia.
17.2013- Paintings Exhibition, Vinci Gallery-Singapore.
18.2014- Paintings Exhibition, Art Apart Singapore, Park Royal Hotel on Pickering-Singapore.
19.2015-Paintings Exhibition, Downlands College, Toowoomba, Queensland,Australia

Winner Painting Contest, 1978
Winner Mix media Painting (use recycle paper  on board) Competition,2007
Winner Skala Award for the ‘Catclock’ , Functional statue made from recycle material, 2011