Jumat, 05 Desember 2014

Animal Series 1

2 Cats, mix on canvas, 150x100cm,2pnls


Sold in Singapore

15.Title Urban Cat, size 150x100cm, mix oil, acrylic on canvas
This painting depicts the deformation of an animal that lives
 in an urban environment that does not support life, here taken cat as model simplify
 the familier animal living souronding us.

30.Title-  Mining Victim, size 100x100cm, mix oil and acrylic in canvas, year 2013
This painting depicts a flora and fauna were damaged by mining,
 illustrated with a thick texture with brown ground strokes, illustrates how huge damage due
 to mining excavation. After mining exploration, the land abandoned, 
without any responsibility to the damaged environment.
 The miners leave right away from damaged flora and fauna.

23.Title Lost of Power, size 100x84cm, oil and acrylic on canvas, year 2013

9.Elephant. size 110x100, acrlyc on canvas
This painting tells elephants illegally hunted elephants to sell their tusks.
Stock Location in Queensland, Australia

19.The Rhino, size 80x80,acrylic on canvas, year 2013
Rhino is protected and  difficult to reproduce, they become the shadow to preserve