Kamis, 01 Januari 2015

Animal Series 2

17.  Title- No More Fun,size 150x100, acrylic on canvas
This painting illustrates how the destruction of the sea around us, 
so the fish that live there are forced to wear a mask due to pollution

8. Title - Broken Collony, size130x90cm(2panels) , media acrylic on canvas, year 2001
This painting tells a life that is safe and secure peace, pictured with bees colony. 
Sudden rupture because riven by outside forces, illustrated with a line that cuts the field of image ...

4.Title - Animal Engineering,size 130x110, acrylic on canvas, year 2014
Genetic engineering is a step forward to get a source of food and nutrition for the future .
 Flora and fauna of many engineered to meet the future needs of human life