Selasa, 14 April 2015

Don't see it, this is upnormal canvas

I think painting is a simple way to express the intent and purpose, 
though painting is a complicated way to achieve success. 
Conventional canvas sometimes not enough to express the emotions 
and the space to be achieved, with the media three-dimensional
 atmosphere and spirit will be animating the room we wanted, 
in order to achieve the shape emotionally, 
and represents a state that we expect.
Title Cross Road, size 120x90cm(2pnls)
mix acrylic, spray paint,
on canvas and polycarboad board

Title – Wrong Traffic, size 220 x130cm(3 panels)
1st panel and 3rd panel 90x130cm each.
Centre panel, prism , L 90cm, W40cm,H27cm.
Media mix oil, acrylic,waterproofing coating,paint spray, on canvas and polycarbonat board.
Title Folded City,size 80x80x30 cm,
acrylic on canvas and polycarbonat board

Title-Unpredictable, size 70x65x21cm,mix textiles on polycarboanat board,
 water proof coating.