Selasa, 01 Desember 2015

Canvas 3d, not just canvas....

Principally 3 paintings depict the development of which was never planned . Transportation, 
housing , and the environment is an important factor in development. They  can not build partially ,
for example, build roads can not just by cutting down trees in the forest ,  build housing also can not
 simply built on paddy soil . All are interrelated , because it involvesthe nature that will be 
the source of human life . 3-dimensional media to get a dramatic impression.
1.Title – Wrong Traffic,

Size 220 x130cm(3 panels)
1st panel and 3rd panel 90x130cm each.
Centre panel, prism , L 90cm, W40cm,H27cm.
Media3d, mix oil, acrylic,waterproofing coating,paint spray, 
on canvas and polycarbonat board

2.Title  Cross Road

Size 120x90cm(2panels, 60x90cm each), H 15cm,media 3d, mix oil,
coating,paint spray, on canvas and polycarbonat board

3.Title Folded City

Size 80x80cm, H 30cm, media 3d,mix oil, acrylic,
waterproofing coating,
paint spray, 
on canvas and polycarbonat board

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