Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Environmental Disaster

Title - environmental disaster, size 110x100cm, acvrylic on canvas, year 2015, 
stock location Melbourne
Jakarta is the portrait of an urban disaster, can be said as an environmental disaster. jakarta, which was originally planned with a population of only 4 million residents, recently exploding into 12 million residents. really  complicated consequences for the government, there is no choice now finally the government build the city with all the shortcomings.
for example the development infrastructure of transportation in jakarta, government prever to build flyovers, although it  will not solve the problem, in addition to simply move congestion elsewhere, the number of vehicles also never limited.people evicted, roads dug, argued for development.
property and tall buildings being built everywhere, displacing the natural environment and the existing natural, sometimes black investor lure genuine people with billions of money to go out from jakarta, drilled soil to find water sources casually, consequently the ground level turn down.
could not imagine that one day jakarta will become as a jungle of flyover  , forest property, chaotic, flooding, and jammed, this is called an environmental disaster. furthermore, they are not able to compete live in jakarta will step aside without expelled, except for those who are willing to wrestle fight over a piece of comfort which is very expensive in the capital.