Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Art Recycle Sculpture

Catclock-Winner Skala+Design AwardManufacturing technique is very simple, do not need high technology and do not need an educated human resources, only the required accuracy and precision in connecting each part, because we do not use glue. So that each part can be rotated, even removed, making this product can be altered to change its shape, follow the funny cat behavior itself. So this product can become an imaginary animal that is not just a mere decoration, as it is complete with a timer that makes us yearn to see it every time.


Pinguin Lamp-Recycle iron statue penguins. Many materials are scattered around us, it was not meaningful. But try watching an old clock Baby Ben Westclox Brand, made in Scotland, it was not used but still clean and plate brass body is very rare. Darling left granted. Keep a bottle of the military version of the Ranger brand Peko, is no stranger to military members, lookingg is not eligible for a place to drink. After a few taps made of highly polished brass if grinded.Traditional oil lamp also used here. It was all wasted material that unfortunately we leave just like that, with patience and a bit of engineering, combined with taste and art, was born an imagination that penguins can glowing and reminds us time. Bambang PE.

Water Heater Regulator Pipe Seculpture
Finding a water heater regulator obsolete in the warehouse, on a project or in the trash was a coincidence. View, it felt and looked ... there is something very interesting, which unfortunately if I passed away.
This pipe is very unique shape, lose his head ..., then with all the awareness and patience, I find the tube of material that might imply a head! yet ... with a complete bulb has the head and eyes of a statue that serves as a reading lamp.

Lantern Horror
These lanterns are made of materials whose value is 0 = zero,or can be spelled without a capital project. Just because theforesight and concern for the material is wasted all around us.Fiberglass material that is used, plastic former and wireformer, which is thrown away and pollute the earth.
It was very painful for the earth because of the newbiodegradable plastics have over one hundred years on earth.Think of where we empower all those around us without requiring a significant cost.
Why do people always buy new stuff, while sometimes the oldstuff can still be used and cooked again or in the redesign, which sometimes will cause a fresh new look that moreimpressive.

This is more close to the statue, although I designed as a lamp. Can be adjusted up and down and more flexible, because bahanya of flexible pipe, strong as aluminum-coated pipe in it.
Maximum 1.5 m high, at least 30cm.