Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Recycle arts collage

Merapi, L 50cm, W 50cm .Medium acrylic on plywood year 2004
These paintings depict the atmosphere of Mount  Merapi's eruption,
 the heat,and bustle of its inhabitants, radiated from the bright colors and even light
Condition Sold to Australia
Politic Leader-45x45cm-Media paper Curved on plywood,
 colored by acrylic.
Year 2004This painting illustrates the political leaders giving a speech with passion and fiery flames, 
asking people to support him.Ironically the elected forgeted everything, 
and people still miserable.
People song- Media mix paper, foam, acrylic.
Tri panels, 29x34cm. Year 2010. 
Struggle for living- 45x45cm-Media paper on plywood Curved and colored by acrylic.
Year 2004.This painting illustrates the struggle of a mother in the middle of the hard life, 
and hard to find a bite of rice. 
Do not have dreams and dreams, desires just wanted to survive that life is. 
Media paper and curved in plywood
year 2004
Status in Vinci Gallery Singapore
Year 1998, size 60x60cm, mixed media
These paintings represent our country very rich, 
but still poor because of corruption.
 It's ironic we live on a gold mine, near the sea area of sea with all its wealth, 
but people continued to suffer.
Mice, probably the right figure to represent the corrupt,
 because rats are animals which eat anything, no matter it is rediculus.
 Can mice disappeared from the surface of the earth, no!, 
God created beings there .
From the window,
Size 70x60cm 
Mix media, knitting, acrlylic on canvas
Year 2010
by B Eryanto
Status in Vinci Gallery Singapore
Mosaic-made from used milk can-clued on
plywood-year 1998- 60x80cm, by Bmabng PE