Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Not for sale

Self potrait, 1977,oil on canvas-Signed Ery77/Bambang P Eryanto

Bogor, 1 September 2009

After a while I left my painting activities, like there was something missing. Just where I was and what activities I did was just dawned taste and desire to make it an imagination that I should immediately pour in the painting.

One by one the paintings scattered in various places and collected some of my work documenting the relationship again, there are still many I save just the belief that it would be mine that would not producing anymore... 

My spirit was born again ....... when one by one, I order, I am clean and I place the appropriate meaning and the work that I have copyrights. And I remember when I first exhibition of paintings at that time  1976, in the town of my hometown Temanggung. I remember, an old friend of a friend who still what it is .........

I will continued the story another time again, yes, now  we observe again some of my stuff is still there, and    paint again...

Ship-1976-45x60cm-oil on canvas-Signed Ery76/Bambang P Eryanto
My daugther-1998-oil on canvas
2 panels(different size)-stuck on wall corner.

Venice, my first exhibition
L 120cm, W 82cm, oil on canvas, I made this painting  when I was 16 years. This is my first exhibition, in my hometown. Signed Ery76/Bambang P eryanto